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Nov 27, 2009 12:00pm EST
on the atm at bank of america in bridge road. in october and november. it steals personal information allowing thieves access to your account. >> the same person may be responsible for putting skimmers on other atms throughout maryland and northern virginia. >> they are asking anyone with information to call the state police at the westminster baracks. >> they are warning atm users to be on the look out. and look for any signs of tampering. >>> the bank will close the most prominent branch in the 1st quarter of next year. it will place employees at that branch and other locations in canton where recent financial struggles and where he used to live on the top floor. >>> the p sheriff's office is investigating a man in his 20s that was found dead around seven this morning. no word on whether they are looking for a known suspect or know the motive behind the murder. >>> pollin died tuesday. he was the longest tune youred owner. having bought his team in 1964 when it was still the baltimore bullets. he used to own the washington capitals hockey team. >>> mission accomplished.
Nov 25, 2009 12:00pm EST
president has just reiterated it's in america's best interest to dismantle and destroy al-qaeda and its allies. it is expected he will send 35,000 additional troops. >> president obama is gearing up for another big sales job, convincing the american people that tens of thousands more u.s. troops should be sent to afghanistan. >> it is in our strategic interest, in our national security interest to make sure that al-qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate effectively. >>reporter: for nearly 2.5 months the president labored over a new strategy for the eight-year-old war and now has made up his mind. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >>reporter: he will disclose plans on how he plans to do that in a prime time teach he will give at westpoint new york. president obama is expects had to authorize most of the 40,000 troops his top general in afghanistan asks for, military officials expecting to see around 30,000. right now fewer than one in three americans supports sending more troops to afghanistan. the president not only has to convince the public, but also lawmakers within
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2